Honey, please stay just a little bit longer?.. :(

Dear hubby honey,

I would do anything to save you, and save our dreams, but I don't have the power.  I only wish you could have stayed a little bit longer.   ;(

I love you very very very very very much honey.

Even now that we are worlds apart, I know that you know how much I love you.  Let the truth be known and heard.

This is for you.  I tried using iMovie for the first time just for you.  When you're sad, watch this.  I'll be making more of these soon.. until the pain of watching our memories over and over will be replaced by joy.

For now, I weep because my totality is missing its half.  :(

Maricris Nonato

I turn tech ideas into websites using Ruby. I'm a budding Buddhist practitioner, passionate about health & fitness, and a cat fanatic!