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Today, I went to my mentor’s memorial mass. It is a celebration of the passing of a beautiful soul almost a year ago.
Seeing the familiar people I was with before, working with her brings back beautiful memories. I thought to myself, what a wonderful experience it was to have worked with her! I’ve learned so much with just listening to her and watching her move with so much power and conviction that people within her vicinity cannot miss the chance to adore her fervent desire to be of service to her own country. She really was this person that literally is burning up with passion for others.

I came in early today at the chapel inside their village. It was where the Mass will be held. The first person I saw was her son, who also happen to be my dentist. He called me in the chapel and led me to her aunt. I was also able to work with her aunt, Ate Ter (as we call her), is always the opposite of my mentor. She would always laugh while she explains to me how she was living her life under the wing of her sister. Her sister (my mentor) sent her to school and looked afer her after their parents died. She was very strict, and Ate Ter would always defy her sisters wishes by escaping late at night or staying up late for a party.

“Hello! How are you?” It was the warmest welcome I could ever give. After all, I feel like I’m the least family member from the rest of the crowd. I was just relieved to see her once again because she and her sister and I have worked together in different trainings. She embodied the spritual presence of my mentor.

“How are you too? I’m doing fine. Did you come alone?”

“I’m doing well too. Its nice too see you again.”

Sigh.. My mentor, she was more than my friend, my teacher, my colleague. She was also a mom to us. I was only trying to remember her words to me. Though I am not a family member, I also deserve to shed geniune tears of longing for her. She really means a lot to me.

“Pssst.. Ate Liz! Musta na?” I went over to the lady in white, who looked so vigorously as the last time I’ve seen her. She was the secretary of my mentor, Ate Liza. She was also surprised that I was able to come.

The Mass itself was very inspiring. I was happy to see that the celebrant was Fr. Martin, he was an Irish priest that my mentor met at one of the places she used to go to help children. As all of us there are friends, family members and colleagues of my mentor, all of us, including Fr. Martin, were all touched and moved by Mam Doro’s passion for others. And so, the mass was about having passion for moving lives of other people. Moreso, I have ended the Mass feeling more vigorous about doing what I love to do and be also like my mentor. I promise, I shall never lose passion for what brings me joy.