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I was reading a certain article on how to determine the astrological sign of a person.. This is fascinating.  I have always loved astrology and always felt I could describe anyone, their lifestyles, etc by simply knowing their sign.  Here were some of the things I found out about myself and my fellow Capricorns:

1. Sign-specific qualities:

Stubborn and proud of it, physically strong, likes to achieve.

2. Appearance:

A chiseled, attractive body, wide-set eyes (like Kate Moss)

3. Astrological masculinity/femininity:

  • Astrologically masculine qualities: Independent, dates a lot, travels a lot, energetic, active, headstrong, talkative, confident, open-minded, rude, sexual, flirtatious, prefers to pursue a mate
  • Astrologically feminine qualities: Prefers long-term relationships, prefers to stay at home, needs more sleep, methodical, considerate, reliable, kind, stubborn, depends on others, polite, shy, prudish, prefers to be pursued
Capricorns are the astrological dandies (50% masculine, 50% feminine) of the zodiac. They tend to like long-term relationships but are quite sexual. Capricorns are more unique looking, prefer to have alone time and prefer to be pursued. Have a good balance of confidence and sensitivity/empathy, which makes their personalities exceptionally attractive.

4. Elements:

Earth: Physical and passive, tends to be introverted, confident, reliable, consistent, good at sports. In a word, the "workers."

5. Behavior, especially in conflicts or while working in groups:

Cardinal: Usually responds to conflict with a bold, decisive, instinctive action in an attempt to trump the assault. Easily motivated to start tasks.

6. As the second to the youngest of the signs, Capricorns tend to display quick tempers and be more selfish and eager to learn while the older signs are wiser, more compassionate and more set in their ways.