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I have been all ears and all heart to listen to a friend’s stories today. I wouldn’t have had this day spent in another way. Its like hearing out a familiar story from a distant stranger. A stranger who gave me a special trust.. a trust I wouldn’t break in any way.

Its great to be just me and not act in any other way just to please somebody else. I was happy to be just me with this distant friend. A friend who, even in the peculiarity of the situation wanted to listen and understand me. In the depths of my solitude and sillyness, have sought out to see me in good shape in the end.. It’s very liberating for me to be comfortable with you and share stories about my life. You were neither pitiful nor judging. Thanks for hearing me out all the time.

Your happy and sad stories made me interested in living my life more. I hope that my stories will be all good and happy too, soon.. Work out all the good things that you have in your life. A good and happy life is a product of hard work, trust and communication between you and your loved one.

Thanks. It was nice to have had a very relaxing and enjoyable day with you! I always pray for your safety and happiness for you and your loved ones, my good friend!

PS: Its a good thing Nicolas Cage burned to death in the end.. and I am happy to see you happy about that!!! Hahahahaha…