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Awhile ago, I was in a meeting. A meeting that ended in a nice chat that made our day! I must say, it was a meeting to catch up with the past issues that we had for the projects we shared.. me and my best 'guyfriend'.. and of course to catch up with what's what in our lives for the past couple of weeks..

So, who's the dating machine??? What the f@#k?!! Yeah.. feel good, bro, feel good about it!!!

Being single is cool when you've been into a heck lot of roller coaster scenarios in your love life. It could also be beneficial to your health, and schedule, etc.. But I will not go too much into that, after all, this is about dating and not the yada yada benefits of a single's life.. ;)

My best guyfriend has always been the best simply because he doesn't know that he's one. Haha! How can I be any more obscure than that?! (Peace bro!) Kidding aside, I love the way he simply says: "I'm innocent!" And yes, maybe so, he really is innocent.. Hmmm.. or ignorant! He's never been good with dating, but heck, what can I say.. my stories made him feel cheesily great tonight!!! Hahaha.. (If only you could hear me laugh right now!)

He's never been more intuitive, more charming, more attractive, nor any aggressive.. simply because he doesn't know how to. But for tonight, let me introduce to you.. the dating machine!!!

Dating Machine: So, all you guys out there, who don't know what to do with your dates.. listen out, listen loud, coz the dating machine is in the houz..

Chris: (chuckle)

Dating Machine: You may want to bring out your pens and a paper, or better yet, print this article.. Never be any dense than I am, never fear, my tips are here..

Cris: (chuckle)

Dating Machine: So, here are a few tips for you.. Be sure to note it all..

1. NEVER ever ever ever be late on your first date. Let the girls do that for us. We should be good with waiting. This item is worth 5pogi points.
  1. Let's just say.. we can still revive a few hours for chivalry. I mean, its not yet dead right?? (At least not for today.. hehehe…) This item is worth 5pogi points.

  2. Money should be in number one right?? But hey, if you just can't go out today, just say you're busy. Sometimes, HONESTY is NOT the best policy. Keep it to yourself.. at least for this first date.

  3. Its true that you must always be yourself during the date itself.. but hey, if the real you sucks, try a little makeover. Dress well, come neat and clean. And, oh, don't forget to smell good too..

  4. If you're keen on striking for a next time, make your date feel good.. or at least try to make her feel happy with you. Strike a nice conversation. Define conversation? Ah, well.. a conversation is one where at least two people exchange stories and opinions about certain topics. Ah, yes.. it takes two to tango.. In short, don't keep talking about yourself. At the end of the date, how much more did you know about your date? Right??

  5. Hahahaha… It doesn't hurt to laugh! Have a good sense of humor. Humor will save the day when the conversation runs dry.

  6. Never throw questions answerable by Yes or No. It will kill communication.. unless it was dead initially.. ;)

  7. Learn to read between the lines. I'm not sure if this can be executed well by all you dating-machine-wanna-bees.. Let's try a little something:

  • GUY: I like red. GIRL: Really? I hate red.
  • GUY: Hatid na kita. GIRL: No, thanks. It's okay.
  • GUY: Yada yada yada. GIRL: Ahhh (looks away)
  • GUY: Yada yada yada. GIRL: And so??
It all boils down to getting the message. Not all girls speak up.. so, its up to you to get it.
  1. NEVER ever assume anything! It is a crime most especially on your first date.

  2. If you can't seem to get enough of these tips, or you just want to thank me.. you can try to reach me through Chris… am a busy dating machine.. if you know what I mean.. ;)

Chris: (chuckle) bwahahahahaha…

Dating Machine: now you know, why I feel good about being single.. I'm the real mean dating machine!! mwahahahaha…

Chris: Hmmm.. so now, you've met and heard the 'ugh'ltimate dating machine..

You see, there's so much to thank about this day.. Having known few more good people at the seminar/training, and having a business meeting turned into laughing meeting til midnight! I thank God, I am happy.. Happy to be just single. I am free. I am happy.