I was away too long. Too long have I been hiding inside myself. I have gagged myself so I won't say crazy things. I boxed my feelings so it won't stray.. but now, I have to go home.

Yes, I am home. I feel like I have just been revived by my beloved Soul Sis. You give me life. Thank you. You are home for me, I hope that I can always come home and see you there for me. Luv yah, Sis! No one can replace you in my life. You share my happiness and my sadness. You wish for me the best of life, but offer me the view of its worst. You nourish my personality in order for me to be free. Thank you.

Now, I am home. I now face new feelings of liveliness and hopefulness that I want to keep.. these feelings that I won't dare to lose anymore.

Come home too beautiful soul. I want to share my life with you. :)

Maricris Nonato

I turn tech ideas into websites using Ruby. I'm a budding Buddhist practitioner, passionate about health & fitness, and a cat fanatic!