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There are times, my sisters influence me with what they watch. The youngest of my siblings love to watch cartoons and lots of animes. She would remarkably remember all schedules of these screenings, but can never remember what you've just said minutes ago. Lolz.

Once, she opened the TV while I was working at my station (as usual). Somehow it was annoying that I have to bear with the fact that my station is just in our living room, and all distractions are found here (most especially the TV). So, I would just have to increase my level of concentration such that I may be able to function still as a programmer while they toy around with the noises they make and the things that they do.

It was 1600. She turned on the TV. I made a smirk. I would have to deal with these distractions again. I know I just couldn't complain.. I was in the living room! Oh, well, at least a minor distraction to keep me sane from this too much programming.

Galaxy Angels was the name of the anime episode. Haven't heard of it before, well, of course, I only love Inuyasha. ;-)

There were five cute and adorable ladies as the main characters of that anime, together with their commander. They were all different personalities. At first, they only seemed annoying, the usual 'sexy animes', walking around in tight sexy suits, fighting bad guys, yada yada yada..

But wait!

Something bout this anime has captured my attention. Not only are they funny that watching it makes me forget about dark serious things going on inside my head, but something too was drawing my curiousity towards the characters. The more my sis watched it, the more I wanted to get to understand the personalities of these ladies.

They were: Forte, Ranfa, Mint, Vanilla with Norman, and Milfil.

I've had only about a couple of times that I was able to watch it. Only today, that it dawned on me that I seem to have the personalities of each of the main characters that this anime has.

Most of the times, since I am the eldest, I had to be tough and be the leader. The burden of moving a team towards a certain goal; making the decisions for everyone, and always thinking about everyone. Yeah, I had a 'Forte' in me. The lady who acts so tough and boyish just so she could protect her team and stand up as a strong symbol.

Forte wears glasses, has straight hair and loves guns. She wears the most conservative clothing, a pair of high boots and smokes. Yup, definitely somebody who's like me.

People say, I'm respectable, but I somehow beg to disagree, because I do have a flirt personality that I only suppress at times not needed. I also remember this incident when my soul sis was looking at something called the 'birthday calculator'. One of the distinct descriptions for me, that caught my attention was 'flirtatious'. Really??? I wanted to deny, but cannot. ;-) I don't flirt just about anyone, I only tend to be choosy and slow to get comfortable with anyone.

Somehow, Ranfa is also in me. She's this weird lady that has a queer taste of decorating her hair with a large pair of maracas-like clip. She's one physically strong lady who loves wrestling just as much as good-looking guys. She's more concerned with her looks, her body and just about everything about her than anything else.

Even so, most of the time, I would want to style and dress myself as a sweet girl. Someone everybody can trust, talk to and just be with. Simple, nice and sweet.. just like Mint.

Mint is the smallest of them all. She has a weird rabbit-like ears that hangs down on both sides of her head, just between her light blue hair. She's always dressed and poised in her sweetest state, unlike Ranfa who despite being the most girl-like of them all, moves very ungracefully. But though she's sweet, she can also be very naughty. She would play tricks with her friends, as long as it pleases her.

Though it might seem that these personalities are sweet, sociable and foregoing, I also have one loner side. This loner girl loves to be alone, only speaks when talked to and has her own perceptions about things that are usually different that everyone else. Sometimes cold and aloof on certain situations, this is Vanilla.

Vanilla wears a cold look on her face, akin to the icy colored hair of hers that is pig tailed at the back of her head. She has cold sad eyes and always carrying around Norman, a robot. She rarely speaks, but most of the time, she talks about God and good ways. She's always calm and steady.

Lastly, there is the normal girl. The happy NRML girl who loves happiness, fun and just about everything about her life. Yes, this is just the real me, stripped of all the needs, wants and responsibility about life. Milfil is the perfect me. Sometimes stupid, sometimes smart, but always happy. Someone who seems to be always in love.

Milfil is a happy girl. She loves flowers and wears them as ornaments on her salmon colored hair. She dresses like a teenager, different from Ranfa and Mint. She's cute and lovable, but sometimes obnoxious.

Yes, I could be schizophrenic, but I am not. These different personalities help me cope with different situations in my life. I do not dwell on the idea that I am a different person each time, rather I focus on what strength I do have to face a certain situation.

These are not personalities.. they are strengths. Certain qualities are called for for a certain event. Even the hardest tree may not stand a strong wind, but a bamboo could; In another situation, the sturdy tree may outstand a lightnight, but not the bamboo.

For me, I can call myself a galaxy angel. A brigade by myself. I'll only have to understand how to find the quality that I need from time to time. ;-)