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I was hanging out with my beautiful soul sis last Thursday and we went for a quick malling after a tiring office day. We went to SM North Edsa to go hunt down a little something we could share. She came across this store that sells mood rings a couple of days before and said she thought of me; so we went there to buy ourselves a pair.

We got this ring that looks a bit like a gypsy's ring. It had a diamond shape in the middle with engraves of animals symmetrically shown on the ring.

She was intense with hyperactivity simply telling me the story of what happened earlier at the office. Every ring she grabbed automatically turned to green! I just couldn't get decided on what to choose for myself simply because each ring looked different when in another color! I almost envied her because she had a different energy level that made the ring change in color, while mine was only in violet.

Finally, I have made up my mind and we bought the rings.

Wearing it made us feel quizzical. How on earth does this ring change its color? Is it really all about the mood? Our pulse? Heartbeat perhaps? Or is it the body temperature that's making it change its color? Anyhow, it was still amazing. All I ever wanted to think about was 'What color will it turn to next?'

We kept walking across the mall, looking for a place to eat. Suddenly, I found myself asking her the wrong question. The answer she had to tell me made her a bit hyperactive, and her ring turned to green! (Yes, you're right, green means hyperactivity. She has to know about this too, for she hasn't memorized the meaning of these colors yet. Haha..) As for me, already laughing and feeling hyperactive already, the ring remained in violet color. I was starting to doubt that I picked a faulty mood ring. Next we walked towards the department store. She was to grab some chips for her kids. We had a handful of piattos of different flavors. (It seemed like I wouldn't be able to eat for sometime if I were to have 8 bags of large sized chips!)

Inside the department store, a familiar music was playing. It seemed like it only caught my attention because there was something about it. It was one of the songs that someone used to play and dedicate for me. At that time, it only seemed to agitate me. It no longer made me feel light and happy, but has now left me a memory I intend to bury such that I may be free from pain. When we were already at the cashier, and I was ranting about the song, I noticed that my ring turned green too! So, now I can say its not faulty. Wow! It made me hyper, for a change.

After the quick food shopping, we walked towards where we were going to have our dinner. We walked to FrenchBaker. Its always like that. The ones I love share so much in common with me. She loved the choices I loved in that store. And I recall while walking along some boutiques, I pointed clothes that she herself would've picked! These cannot be coincidences. I believe we really share so much in common, and that sometimes its becoming freaky, but fun nonetheless. That is exactly why she's my soul sis, and nothing less.

From time to time, my ring changed from green to a mixture of green, pink and yellow. These colors signified hyperactivity, slight nervousness and unsettledness. But for the rest of the time it was violet.

The next day at the office, I was all excited to see her. My ring was still violet. We looked into a site that does birthday calculation. We really are compatible with each other as we get along easily and really had so much in common. When we got to the part that describes your quality, yes, well, we laughed a bit coz it was all so true.

I felt my mood change a bit and that the ring would also change in color, but it remained violet. My steady state was violet.

Her birthdate told so much about her misunderstood personality and so did mine. It was perfectly suitable for our personalities, and we both believed it. But, would you have believed that there is such a person who is always in love?

Would you? Ask my ring. The only question now is.. with whom?