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It's too late to cry I love you.

The wind still blowing, my heart still aching

One side of my eyes see tomorrow, And the other one see yesterday I hope I could sleep in the cradle of your love, again

Cry for me, somebody, with dry eyes

*The real folk blues I just want to feel a real sorrow It's not bad a life in the muddy river If life is once

Hopeless hope, and the chance with traps What is right, or wrong It's like a both side of a coin

How long I must live till I release?

The real folk blues I just want to feel a real pleasure All that glitters is not gold

I fell in love with this song (in Romanji lyrics) before I even knew the English translation. Maybe the heart and mind is really in sync in some way I cannot explain. I just let the song drift my feelings away. Sigh..