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I seldom check my friendster account for the past i-dont-know days. And only now, I've been consumed with just work. I have decisions to make. I know its hard, but there's really no easier way to make them. Its always, 'A door closes, and a window opens'.

Its making me sad to see stuffs suddenly favor you after a long period of (emotional, and mental) suffering. I love the spice, don't get me wrong. Its true things may make you rant, but if there is ranting, there is also raving.

I'm happy I have come up with a decision, but is there somebody or something else telling me otherwise? I am the kind of person who believes in divine intervention, but not sacrificing my scientific way of seeing things. I am also into the stars as well as the angels.

I saw this horoscope for today, it says:

The Bottom Line

You may have to sacrifice some of your free time now to get even more of it later.

In Detail

You'll be most successful with an outgoing, even aggressive approach to things. You know what you want, so go get it. Politely but firmly ask anybody standing in your way to step aside. If they don't comply, then tell them to. With that determined look in your eye, they're bound to do what you say. Then pick up whatever you want and take it where you want to go. You'll feel mighty powerful by the time this is all over.
Now, I am beginning to worry again. A worry that there is something wrong with what I chose. But, I dare not question my ability to decide. I am a person with no regrets. Regret only shows that you're a person who can never trust your own self.

I only feel saddened by the fact that, I cannot leave the people I love the most, the work that I love the most. I am only happy that I have gained something new, gained friends and more knowledge. Truth is, I really have to go. I have made up my mind.

I know I have doubts, but I believe. One can only believe in things that are not seen and in things that involve the future. I believe that I will be happy, because I was decisive.

I can, therefore, I am.