A collection of learnings, coding adventures and random thoughts about living life.


by Shantel

Out of anger I said some crazy things.
In the mist of it all,
evil words were exchanged.
Feelings were hurt,
hearts grew tight,
how can I make this right?
I woke up this morning with pain in my heart.
Words weren't spoken,
from my mouth they couldn't depart.
My heart wanted to ask,
"What is wrong with us two,"

"Why aren't you talking to me,
and for God sakes,
why am I not talking to you?"
Through my anger and sarcasm
and my mean remarks,
I could still feel my love for you,
beating in my heart.

If I couldn't rub my fingers
through your thick, dark mane,
my heart would break,
it would shatter.
Things would never be the same.
You know the love
that I have for you in my heart.
God sent you to me,
to love you and to care.
I'm sorry.
So very sorry, My Dear.